Naagin 3 9th March 2019 Written Updates: Who will marry Mahir - Bela or Huzoor?
Image Source: IWMBuzz

Viewers will get to see another wedding ceremony in the latest episode of their favourite Colors TV show Naagin 3. We have seen enough marriages in the show since it was started, but of them failed to complete and the couples called it to quit. We have seen Mahir several times as the groom, who is already married to Naagrani Bela. How can a Naagin share her love with someone else? Despite many efforts of Sumitra, Bela always managed to protect her love, Mahir.

But this time, there will be two weddings — Krish-Bela and Mahir’s doppelganger-fake Ruhi. Ruhi, who is Huzoor Sahab in reality, gets into trouble as there is only one real Mahir and Bela knows who he is, but Huzoor has no idea about real Mahir. Bela asks Krish to let’s go and just then Huzoor interrupts her by saying stop, how can I know who is real Mahir and my groom.

Bela says in response, why are you unable to identify your love? According to Sumitra’s evil plan, Ruhi’s and Mahir will tie the knot at any cost to blackmail Bela again for Naagmani. But as you all know, Bela will never let anyone take Mahir away from her. Fake Ruhi gets puzzled in Bela’s smart plan. The preparation for Ruhi and Mahir’s lookalike takes place. On the other hand, big suspense will also be revealed in tonight’s episode. Fans will get to see that Krish is the real Mahir.

When fake Ruhi gets shocked to know that Mahir fooled everyone with his Krish drama. Naagin 3 9th March 2019, Saturday, the episode also features a flashback of how Mahir became Krish. The latest episodes feature how Mahir managed to protect himself from fire and how he got to know about Sumitra and Huzoor Sahab’s evil plans against his lady love, Bela. Tonight’s episode also features a romance between Mahir and Bela, for which their fans were eagerly waiting. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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