Naagin 3 9th February 2019 Written Updates: Vish Appears In Front of Sumitra!
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In Naagin 3 9th February 2019 episode, Vish pushes Rinky into a tank after which Rinky dies in the tank. Just then Simmi and her partners arrive there and they all get shocked to see Rinky like this. They get scared of Rinky’s condition and they bring her out from the tank. Yuvraj says to Simmi that I have informed you that there is Vish’s spirit in the house, but you did not listen to me. He says that Vish is the reason behind Rinky’s condition.

Simmi refuses to agree on what Yuvraj said, she says that Bella and Vikrant are doing this all to scare us. Rohini tells Alia that she is scared of Vish as they can be her next target. Simmi tells everyone to calm down and says that there is no need to worry as this is all a trap by Bella and Vikrant.

Everyone is scared of haunted activities in the house while Simmi is trying to console everyone by saying that Vikrant and Bella are doing this all. Simmi tells her two guards to keep an eye on Bella, she does the same with Vikrant. Simmi feels the presence of Vish in the home and requests to not kill her, but then she laughs, saying these stupids think I will get scared of all these haunted activities. Vish makes Simmi feel her presence by saying I’m here as you were remembering me. Vish appears in front of Simmi.

Simmi says to Vish that I know you are not any spirit. She tells Vish to stop this horror drama and asks her to come into her real avatar. Vish says you cannot kill the spirit who is already dead. After a while, Vish gets disappear from there. Simmi tells everyone that she just saw Vish, she also tells that Vish is still alive. Bella says Vish’s spirit is here to take revenge from you as you troubled her a lot.

On the other hand, Cheel decides not to get involve in snakes’ matter. Bella overhears Simmi and others’ conversation in which Simmi says that she wants Nagmani at any cost. Simmi says that she will come up with another evil plan. What will happen next? Will Simmi come up with a new plan? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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