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Naagin 3 is the most famous TV Show which comes on Colors and is the most watched show also. We will see that Bela comes to the marriage of Vish and Mahir on the bike. Bela remembers what happened between Mahir and her. She says I Love You Mahir and Mahir gets mesmerized. He looks at her. Bela says I love you and I want you to come with me as you said that if I will confess my love in front of everyone then you will obey my things. Vish looks at them.

In Naagin 3, 6th January 2019 written updates we will see that Sumitra tries to stop Bela and asks Bela to leave as Mahir has decided to marry Vish. Bela says you are forcing him to marry Vish. Bela says that you are not a good mother and he has lost his memory so he is trusting you. Mahir sits on the bike and asks Bela to sit. Bela becomes happy and sits on the bike. Yuvraj asks him to stop and then says this is not going to happen. Sumitra and her son tries to do everything but they fly away. Vikrant comes with Vish and Bela sees her mother.

Bela says are you fine mother. Her mother says that she is fine and thanks Vikrant to save her mother. Vish says that we have to save Naagmata and this is our duty. Bela’s mother asks if everything is fine. Her mother says Sumitra has come with other naag also and she is going to do something worse. Bela asks what is happening Vikrant. Vikrant stays quiet. Vikrant says that I am not with my mother and I am with you. Bela and Mahir talks and says I care about you and why you came like this with me. Mahir sees her crying and says I do not love you as maa is saying wrong about you. For more Naagin 3 written updates, stay tuned with us


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