Viyom Is Back Again: Naagin 3 2nd December 2018 Episode Written Updates
Image Source: Firstpost Hindi

In Naagin 3, 2nd December 2018 episode, Mahir and Bela return to Bela’s house along with Juhi where Bela surprise to see her mom. The latest episode of the Colors most popular show features a sweet bond of mother and daughter. Bela’s mother asks her if everything is going good in her life to Bela wants to response with truth. She wants to tell everything she is facing that their Vulture enemies are back but before she could tell anything to her mother, Mahir enters.

So, Bela does not tell anything to her mother. She returns back to home with Mahir and find out that about Mahir’s neck injury. Bela feels guilty to see Mahir injured and gives him a first aid. She tells Mahir that she always put Mahir in trouble to which Mahir denies. He says that there is nothing like that and there no fault of her in whatever happened to Mahir.

On the other hand, Vish and Vikrant get into a fight in which Vikrant asks Vish to forgive him as he broke her trust. But Vish being Vish asks him to get shut up and go to hell, she also adds that she will never talk to him ever again. She asks Vikrant that why he defeated her like this to which Vikrant responds that you have also broke my trust. Vish asks Vikrant that why he cheated her, Vikrant says because he loved Ruhi. Vish tells him that she cheated him because she also loved him and that she never though her love will do this to her.

In tonight’s episode of Naagin 3, Bela has a dream at night in which she sees that she is surrounded by vultures and they take her from her bed just then Bela wakes up and thinks that they have killed all their vultures enemies then why she had a dream like this. In another scene, Viyom, whom Bela had killed in the last episode, gets up and sees that he is surrounded by dead vultures, he gets extremely angry seeing his vulture partners dead and takes a pledge to destroy Bela. He says that he will return to take revenge from Bella and that he has one weapon Bela is completely unaware of and that weapon will help him getting successful in his evil plan against Bela.

Someone enters in Bela’s house at 3 AM, Bela sees that its her sister Juhi. Bela gets happy to her sister Juhi and asks her if she is fine. Juhi tells her that she is fine and that she wants to become a snake queen (naagrani). Juhi asks Bela if she can leave her snake queen crown for her. To which Bela responds positively and says that she can do this for her sister after which the two sisters hug each other and just then Viyom appears in there and Juhi smiles seeing him that clearly shows that Bela’s sister Juhi is a part of Viyom’s evil strategy against Bela. Stay tuned with us for latest information about your favourite show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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