Naagin 3 25th November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Mahir Sees Bela & Viyom In Compromising Position!
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Naagin is one of the most popular TV show of Colors channel. After completing its two seasons successfully, the show has returned with its latest season. The TV show is currently running with its third season. Check out Naagin 3 25th November 2018 episode written updates and thank us later.

Its seems like Bela and Mahir can not have a peace of moment in their life as problems always hit them hard. Now when Bela learned that Vikrant is married to Vishakha, Mahir is ready to start a new chapter with his lady love. But it seems like Bela has to do some action before having some quality time with Mahir as she has to defeat Viyom before getting busy in her romantic relationship with Mahir.

The the previous episode of Naagin 3, the power couple Mahir and Bella set sa code at Vish and Yuvi’s wedding ceremony to give hint to each other if they are in any kind of problem. Mahir stalk Bela and Viyom to the cave, after reaching at the cave, Bella challenges her enemy Viyom for a battle — Snake vs Vulture — one on one!

In the meantime, Vishakha gets to know about the truth of Vikrant that he only wants to get naagmani and it not serious about anything else in the world. In the very next episode, Vish gets super upset to see uglier side of Vikrant. So, she take a pledge to teach Vikrant a lesson and this leads her to decide to save Bela from her vulture enemy, Viyom.

Bela tells Mahir that she will be with him to the rest of her life after which Mahir gets emotional. Mahir breakdowns and tells Bela that he loves her very much. In the next scene features Viyom lying on the top of Bela, he asks Bela that what she will say to her love Mahir if he sees them in this position. Suddenly, Mahir comes in the cave and gets shock to see Bela and Viyom like this. How Mahir will react after seeing Bela and Viyom in a compromising position? Does Bela manage to handle the situation? Stay tuned with us for latest information and written updates of your favourite TV shows.


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