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Naagin is the most famous serial among youngsters and middle-aged people. In the last episode, we see that Bela’s mother is alive and she escaped from the clutches of Vikrant. In Naagin 3 24th November 2018 episode, we see that Mahir murders the mother of Bela. Vikrant goes to the forest in order to search her mother. Angoori Baba also comes and asks Bela to leave for the forest if she wants to save her mother. Mahir accidentally finds himself in the vicinity as he is chasing Yuvi.

Mahir shoots Bela’s mother and Bela watches this happening in front of her eyes. Mahir goes to the jungle and thinks what he has done and he cries. Bela meets Vikrant joins the movement to kill Mahir. Mahir looks at the gun and sees that there are bullets present in the gun and it is full. he gets hopes that he is not responsible to kill her mother.

Naagin 3 is one of the most popular show of Colors channel and there is high-voltage drama going on in the show. Vikrant now thinks how he planned all this and he tricked Mahir to do all this and show that Mahir killed her mother. Vikrant is about to take his shot from behind the bushes when he notices Bela. He takes it as an opportunity and shoots her. At that very moment, Mahir loses his balance, leading Bela to believe that it is him, who took the shot. Vikrant is happy with how the events turned out and is expressing his happiness with his mother.

But his mother wraps him around her tail to make him realize that he shouldn’t go off track. Vikrant tells his mother that he loves Bela (Ruhi) far too much to lose her again. This drama was happening and at that time whole family gets dressed up for the Dusshera celebration. Mahir also comes and his mother asks him to change his clothes and get ready for the party. Stay tuned with us for more latest information and written updates.


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