Naagin 3 1st December 2018 Episode Written Updates: Bela To Kill Viyom!
Image Source: Times Now

Naagin 3 has created hype as the TV show has become the highest TRP TV show. The show has successfully completed its two season and currently running in its third season, the show is receiving overwhelming response from the viewers. The show is attracting more and more viewers due to its interesting story and unpredictable twists and turns. The current season is the third installment of the series, Naagin.

In the last episode of Naagin 3, we have seen that problems never leave Bela and Mahir alone, whenever they about to come closer to each other problems always hit them hard. Well no matter how hard Bela’s enemies try to separate them, Mahir and Bela will never leave each other alone as they both love each other so much. In the recent episodes, we have seen intense fight between Bella and Viyom where Mahit arrived suddenly and became the witness of Bella and Viyom’s fight, which was in actual a fight of snake vs vulture.

In Naagin 3 1st December 2018 episode, Vikrant throwsMahir’s sister Juhi. Yes, you read it right. We are tallking about Mahir’s sister Juhi, who is still alive. On the other hand, Mahir gets mad by seeing his lady love Bela and Viyom together. Viyom starts saying wrong things about Bela in front of Mahir as he wants to create a bad image of Bella in the eyes of Mahit. But Bela being Bela, she tells everything to Mahir by her body gestures. She informs Mahir by her body language that she is in trouble right now and Mahir being an understanding partner understands Bela’s situation.

After getting know that his lady love is in trouble because of Viyom, Mahir starts hitting Viyom but Bela jumps into the situation and tries to stop Mahir. She also tells Mahir that Juhi is in their control, but Mahit takes Bela away from there in order to save her from vultures. But Bela makes Mahir unconcious to save Juhi and goes into the haveli to fight with Viyom alone.

Bella starts fighting with vultures in her Naagin avatar. Meanwhile, Vish and Vikrant also arrive there to support Bela into the battle of — Snakes Vs Vultures. On the other hand, Mahir becomes consious again and he arrives inside the haveli in search of Bela. Finally Bella kills her one of the biggest enemy Viyom. Mahir and Bela leave the haveli with Juhi and they return to Bela’s home where she gets shock to see her mother. The latest segment of the episode features the loving bond of mother-daughter duo. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates of your favourite TV show Naagin 3 and written updates.


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