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Naagin 3 is the most beloved TV show which comes on Colors. In the latest episode, we see that Bela thinks what she should do to find Mahir. Mahir also finds Nagmani and thinks Bela has given him this for his protection and she brought her life on the stake to protect him. He feels terrible and remembers the romantic moments with Bela. Bela and Mahir both look for each other. Bela comes out and sees Mahir. She approaches him.

Meanwhile, other people come and try to harm her. Bela says she is their nagrani and why they are opposing her. They say that she has done wrong and they will not spare her. Sumitra goes to some secret place and then sees an iconic figure and talks to her. She says that she has provoked everyone against Bela and Bela will bring the nagmani to them for sure now, and nothing wrong will happen now.

Bela, on the other hand, was struggling with her people and those men ask Bela to leave and they know what she has done with them. Bela says she does not want to fight with them. Bela says that I cannot compete with you as I am here to protect you all not to fight with you. Bela runs along with Mahir. Mahir protects Bela, and he says that he remembers everything now. Bela becomes so happy and hugs him. Bela says that I knew it, everything will be alright. Bela says I gave you naagmani so that you will remain protected but these guys have become mad, and I do not know why they do not remember me.

Sumitra stands along with her mates and says now Bela will come to us with the naagmani. Everybody criticizes her and says nothing will happen and we are just wasting our time like every other time. Sumitra asks them to shut up. Sumitra says that we will have to wait as Bela has naagmani and she will come here. Vishakha talks to Vikrant and says she fear that something is wrong with them. Mahir and Bela try to escape. For more updates of Naagin 3, stay tuned with us.


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