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In the earlier episode of Naagin 3, we see that Bela tells Mahir that he doesn’t remember anything but he should trust his instincts and he remembers the moments with Bela. Bela says that you loved me so much that I said we will keep the names of our children as Pinky and that is why you named the child as Pinky. Mahir says I am unable to see and do anything. Bela’s mother is in fear that Naagmani is safe or not. Vishakha tells that naagmani is safe and Bela hid that in a safe place. Vishakha says that nagmata we have to take you to a safer place and then Bela will come to meet you there.

In Naagin 3 12th January 2019 a lot of twists will be seen in the show as the Show has become so famous among the audience. Bela and Mahir talks and his brother comes and Yuvi teases Mahir. Mahir becomes so angry on him and Yuvi says why you are talking like this. Mahir asks Yuvi to say her name with respect. Mahir says that I know you are not a good person. Yuvi goes to talk to Mahir but Mahir says talk to me. Yuvi is so reckless. Mahir says that I got to know you are a bad person. Bela asks Mahir to calm down but they both start fighting and Yuvi starts hurting Mahir and Mahir becomes so injured.

Nagmata was taken to the safe place by Vishakha and Vikrant and when they were on the road. Sumitra comes there and attacks them. She asks where is naagmani. Bela was also there and goons handle her. Vikrant asks Sumitra to leave Bela. Vikrant asks her to stop. Bela says that she will tell where is naagmani but leave them. Vish gets angry and Yuvi pushes her. She fell down and Sumitra says you love her so much Vikrant and I did not know. We will see that Yuvi pushes Vishakha and Vikrant from the hill. Sumitra becomes so angry. Naagmata was in trouble and she struggles. Sumitra shoots Naagmata. For more updates of Naagin 3 written episode, stay tuned with us.


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