Mysterious, strange clouds over Mars baffles researchers
Image Source: New Vision

It has been known that Mars is comprised of about different elements which are more than earth. It is said to be about 100 timeless dense than our planet, but still, it has got clouds over it. The researchers have observed a mysterious cloud which is said to be present near the massive volcano. This cloud is now baffling researchers, and it also makes it question that what is there under it.

This mysterious cloud is present over the mountain which is known as Arsia Mons that is present near Martian equator since 13th September, as per the statement by the European Space Agency. As per the scientists, they say that the volcanic mountain over which this cloud is present is not active there is no volcanic activity out there since 50 million years.

As per ESA, the spacecraft known as Mars Express has to see this clouds for about three times and at the same place. This is said to be not a coincidence. The agency said that the structure of the cloud seems to be grown as well as it has changed the shape too in the day. The length of the cloud during the local morning downwind of the volcano make it parallel to the equator and its reaches in a size that it is visible to the earth with the help of the telescope.

The agency continued to say that it seems that the cloud is full of water and ice. It is created by air flow which takes place in the side of the volcano. This process is said to be an orographic or lee cloud, and it happens to mean that the cloud can able to change during the day and as per the atmospheric patterns that are present on the surface of the Mars.


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