Mysterious Lunar Swirls may be due to Moon's volcano
Image Source: CNet

In the recent developments, the mysterious lunar swirls are said to be one of the solar system’s most beautiful optical anomalies which may be the relic of the Moon’s ancient volcanic activity as well as an internal generation of the magnetic field, as per scientists.

Thus lunar swirls usually resemble as the bright, snaky clouds which are painted on the Moon’s dark surface. The most famous swirls known as Reiner Gamma are about 40 miles long. This is popular with the backyard astronomers. Most lunar swirls share the locations along with the powerful as well as localized magnetic fields.

It has been seen that the bright and dark patterns will result when the magnetic fields deflect the particles which are from solar wind. It usually causes some parts of the lunar surface to the weather itself slowly. As per Sonia Tikoo, who is an assistant professor in Reuters University in the US said that the cause of these magnetic fields which have got the swirls of themselves had long been in a mystery.

Tikoo added by saying that in order to solve it, we can find out about the geological feature that could have to produce the magnetic fields and can describe the power of the magnetism. Tikoo is the co-author of the study that was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

The picture that they have seen has got a consistent lava tube which is long narrow structures that are formed due to the flowing of lava during the volcanic eruptions or with the lava dikes. These are vertical sheets of the magma that are injected into the lunar crust. The previous experiments on Moon show that the rocks have become more magnetic when they are heated to more than 600 degrees Celsius in an Oxygen-free environment.


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