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Blackhole is still a mystery to people. All we know about Blackhole is that it attracts an object towards it due to the gravitational pull. Blackhole was just a myth until a scientist named Katie Bouman shared pictures of the black hole for the first time. Recently, NASA found black hile they believe was hiding in the deep space. NASA found the black hole by using Chandra X-ray Observatory. Scientists believe that the black hole is at its six per cent of the universe’s age.

The black hole was hiding behind a massive cloud of gas, and this came into notice for the first time. These gigantic clouds have a job too, they provide food to the black hole at its early stage, and the term ‘food’ means different objects in the space. It is the reason why the black hole was not visible from the X-ray vision.

The black hole is at its early stage. When it gets enough food, its size will increase, and the clouds will vanish away after which the black hole will get brighter and more powerful. A black hole forms of the matter in the space and a black hole can be even more significant than our Sun. Its job is to pull the objects in its disk, and it keeps on getting bigger as much it eats.

“It`s extraordinarily challenging to find quasars in this cloaked phase because so much of their radiation is absorbed and cannot be detected by current instruments,” said the leader of the study, Fabio Vito who belongs to the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. The black hole also emits radiation, which is very powerful to down a whole planet.

The curiosity of finding a black whole made scientists explore the deep space, and they got lucky after seeing a different black hole at its early stage. There is no way to stop a black whole from emerging, but expectations are that scientists might find a way to save the planet from the massacre of a black hole.

Tarun Singh
Tarun is an avid writer and reader. He is fond of exploring science and facts. Tarun is an engineer by profession and is now a full-time contributor to The News Recorder (India Edition). Tarun is the base behind the Science coverage over this online news platform.


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