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The latest episode of Splitsvilla aired today and we saw that the villa is so quiet and a scroll comes and Gaurav will go on the date with Anushka. Everybody becomes ready. Gaurav says I am so excited about the date. Every girl comes there and then Anushka says I was not able to think to impress him. Samyukta dances and Gaurav says wow. Gaurav says I was so happy. Shruti also dances and Gaurav says I want to do something in return.

In Splitsvilla 29th December 2018 episode, Gaurav starts to rap and everyone claps. Samyukta says that what is love to you. He gives a sweet answer and everybody sees her. They start playing never ever I. They say we should leave you and we will go. Anushka and Gaurav sit and they talk to each other. Other girls go to the room of Kabir and they tell what happened at the date. Kabir says that they were trying to provoke him against Anushka. Anushka and Gaurav talks. Gaurav says that I really want to know more about you. Gaurav also tells that he wants to spend time with her.

Gaurav says that he can have a conversation with her in the whole villa. They both dance. Kabir becomes so sad and asks what happened. Anushka tells that he has told her that he wants to spend more time with her. Kabir asks what happened next. Anushka says that she knows he is angry. Kabir says I am just asking what happened. Other boys go in the pool and Mehak comes. Simba says that he will be with Mehak and Shagun says he always say true things. Mehak says we will play a game in which I will say a word and you will tell me the word which comes to your mind. For more updates of Splitsvilla Season 11 episode, stay tuned with us.


  1. Simba is real hero of splitsvilla but oracal cheat with him…
    Wen sanyukta hegde eliminate give her option she is so peck and Wen shimba eliminate den….? am very disappointed today bcz Simba out of the show…..he is good fighter…sab ladko ko takkar deta tha… Splitsvilla dekane ka intrest chala gaya…


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