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Splitsvilla is the TV Reality Show which comes on the youth channel MTV. This show is the dating reality show in which the boys and girls come and hook up to become the perfect match and then ask the oracle if they are the perfect couple or not, if they become perfect match then they become safe and continue the show. It is so popular and hence completed its 10 seasons successfully and 11th season is also near to end and we all are so excited to know the names of the winners. From the beginning we knew who were the strongest couple, that was Shruti and Rohan as they raised good feelings for each other in the show.

In Splitsvilla Season 11 Grand Finale we will be seeing a lot of drama and hard task which will be performed by Shruti and Gaurav against Samyukta and Shagun. In the semi-finale, we got to see romance between Shruti and Rohan as ex-splitsvillans came in the show to support and cheer the finalists. Shruti became so happy to meet Rohan and Anshuman also met his love and hugged her. Nominations happened and other contestants chose to vote out Fahad and Maera. So there were four couples who successfully reached the semi-finale. Gaurav-Shruti, Kabir-Anushka, Anshuman-Roshni, and Shagun-Samyukta.

Rannvijay starts telling them what is their task which will take them to the finale. Roshni says that she is so happy to meet Anshuman. Rohan is also so happy and he proposes Shruti again. In the semifinals, Shruti says that she desperately wants to win this season for Rohan. The task starts with Shagun and Samyukta. They are the strongest couple if we will see by the strength and techniques while performing the task. Then another turn is of Roshni and Anshuman. Roshni was so happy to perform with Anshuman and they did this so quick and everybody was adoring them. Shruti and Gaurav start next and they take a good start. Gaurav was so sure that they will win.

Everyone was cheering them and they collected 8 coconuts. Kabir and Anushka started with a tough scenario and they were so confused about what to do. Samyukta says that they both were so funny when they were doing the task. Kabir says that Anushka was not supporting to my back. They both were blaming each other. Samyukta says that Shagun gives the stupidest strategy. Rohan makes fun of them. Now the most interesting thing is that we all have our different favorite couple and we want them to win. According to the buzz we can say that Gaurav and Shruti will be winning the show. Stay tuned for more updates of Splitsvilla latest news.


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