MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 17 25th November 2018: Who Will Shruti Choose Rohan or Gaurav?

In MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 17 25th November 2018, you will get to see some fight between Splitsvillans, interesting task and “Bae Watch Session.” It will very interesting to see which contestants will perform with whom in this amazing task. There is so much going on in the reality TV show, which a true Splitsvilla fan can’t afford to miss.

Tonight’s episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 is going to be very interesting as it features bae watch session. Talking about the beginning of episode 17, we you all know the last episode ended with highly heated arguments with intensity between the Splitsvillans. When contestants return from dome session, Kabeer Bhartiya and Gaurav Sharma get into a fight in which Kabeer teases Gaurav as Kabeer is a puppet of Anushka and he blindly supports her no matter she’s doing right or wrong. As we all know, Anushka and Shruti Sinha previously had a fight, and in the latest episode Kabeer asks Gaurav and Shruti that why they did this to Anushka and this lead them to an intense fight.

After the intense fight between Kabeer and Gaurav, there is a bae watch session next day. This time the bae watch session is related to yoga in which a contestants have to balance their partners as they are going to play in pairs. In the bae watch session, Simba Nagpal pairs with new wildcard entry Mahak, he also chooses Arushi Dutta as they are very good friend. Maera Mishra chooses Kabeer and Aarushi Handa also performs with them.

But everyone’s eyes will be on Shruti, as it’s very important for her to choose between Gaurav and Rohan Hingorani as in the last episode Shruti flipped a lot about her statements. She even cleared that she does not want to go home with Rohan and in case Rohan will out of the show she will going to perform with Gaurav. What will be Shruti’s final decision? Who will she choose?



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