MTV Roadies Real Heroes (Season 16) Episode 5, 10 March 2019 Written Updates: Meet Another Real Life Hero!
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Roadies is back with the new Tagline The Real Heroes; the most loved youth show is continuing with the state to state audition. Judges take first audition of Ashish energetically and uniquely. He introduces himself he is a youtuber and vlogger and has highest 48.9 million views. Neha ordered him to rap and dance, Ranveer liked his dance.

After Raftaar ordered him to mimic him, Ashish, complete all the task as gang leaders told him to do. But in the end, Neha told him that there is a lack of finishing in his all moves. All the Gang Leaders disapproved Ashish to take him in his team, and no one selects Ashish, and he rejected.

Priyanka and Swati come for the next audition she did the plank with a heavy tire carried on her back she holds it up to 1 minute 15 seconds. Swati did the same and hold the tire up to and beat Priyanka in her challenge after a roast battle between both them and later a wrestling match finalised between them and Priyanka won in the wrestling and they both selected for the culling round.

It was the most interesting audition of the day. After Adil come for the next audition he gives himself full marks in everything after his funny dance after Ranvijay press the buzzer and Nikhil pressed the buzzer it means Nikhil has to decide a gang leader for Adil and at last Raftaar is selected as Gang Leader for Adil.

After Chandigarh audition, the team of Roadies reached to Indore it was a great crowd of aspirants and all the gang leaders and ring Master made their stunning entry, and the audition started in Indore. Chetna came for the first audition of Indore she is a yoga trainer and socialist. As getting the order from Neha she showed some yoga asanas and all the leaders impressed with her she amazed everyone, and as expected she selected for the culling round. After many contestants came for the audition and tried to impress the gang leaders many selected and many went empty-handed.

The show is full of entertainment, and the next episode of the show is continued with the Indore audition. It was another great episode of the roadies. Many states audition are remaining after selecting the contestants for culling round. Stay tuned with us for all the Roadies The Real Hero latest updates and written episodes.


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