MTV Love School Season 4 Episode 3, 8th March 2019 Written Updates: Get Ready For High-Voltage Drama!
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In the previous episode of MTV Love School Season 4, the host of the show Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundrra welcomed all the contestants in the season 4. Ramiz and Gizelle got into an argument, where Gizelle told the Love Professors how Mukta is trying to coming between the two. Gizelle was not the only girl in the show, who got into an argument with Mukta as Soumya also called her fake.

The Love Professors conducted the first activity of season 4 called ‘In Your Face.’ Only singles participated in that activity. It was a fun activity where the singles stand a chance to choose their partner for the activity. Gizelle made Ramiz feel jealous by dancing with other guys. Sahil impressed all th girls by showing his physical fitness and as a reward, he also received a kiss from Gunjan.

Elize and Sahil became the most lit girl and boy after the first activity by voting. The two received a special gift from the hosts. The two received one of the biggest advantage — head start. Elize and Sahil won a chance to go on a date with three girls and boys of their choice including singles and couples. When all the contestants returned to school, Mukta and Soumya had a small argument which later took place between Mukta and Gizelle again. Mukta even pushed Soumya during their argument. Harsh slammed Mukta for pushing his ex-girlfriend.

Mukta got emotional and cried in her room, where Dev hugged her and tried to console her. Dev felt pity for her. Sahil chose Gizelle, Gunjan, and Soumya for a date while Elize chose Harsh, Sagar, and Sunny for a date. Sahil had a poolside date with three lovely ladies while Elize looked very hot in a short red dress. Sahil asked girls to impress her, Gunjan danced with him. He chose Gunjan over those two. Elize picked Sagar for a date.

Sahil and Gunjan had a fabulous date where Sahil said I like you to Gujan. On the other hand, Sagar and Elize had a romantic couple dance. The host of the show Karan addressed the bad behavior of Mukta. Mukta cried by telling that everyone teases her by her famous ex-boyfriend’s name — Emiway Bantai. Karan and Anusha also introduced ‘Vam Bam’ that allows contestant for pairing with another contestant by rejecting others like online dating apps.

In the latest episode of Love School Season 4, episode 3, 8th March 2019, Love Professors Karan and Anusha will give more interesting tasks to contestants. It will be a fun-filled episode with high-voltage drama.


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