MTV Ace Of Space Episode 38 26th November 2018 Written Updates: Why Danish Locked Up Himself Inside Washroom?
Image Source: YouTube

Mastermind Vikas Gupta‘s latest reality TV show Ace of Space is one of the most loving show of MTV. The show has successfully made its special place among youngsters. The level of the reality TV show is increasing day by day with its unpredictable twists and turns.

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In MTV Ace Of Space episode 38, 26th November 2018, there is high-voltage drama going on in the show that can be a treat for all the drama lovers. the show is MTV’s one of the most interesting show as its completely unpredictable. In today’s episode of the reality show, contestant Danish Zehen draws everyone’s attention with his activity as he locks up himself inside the washroom. When the other housemates knock the door and tell him to open it, he remains quite, he does not even respond to anyone in the shrinking house.

It seems like Danish has fainted inside the washroom. Everyone in the Ace Of Space house is very curious to know why Danish locked up himself inside the washroom and why he is not responding to anyone, some of the housemates predict that Danish might fainted inside the washroom. Varun Sood, Bawle Chhore and other housemates call Danish and they even try to break the washroom door. Eventually the production team comes to the house and opens the door of washroom.

It is getting difficult for the contestants to live in MTV Ace Of Space house as Mastermind Vikas Gupta comes up with new twist and turn everyday that turns everything ups and downs, Bigg Boss fame Vikas knows how to bring the next level difficulties for the housemate to increase the level of the reality TV show. What happens to Danish? Why he locked up himself inside the washroom? Why he is not responding to anyone? Stay tuned to get answers of all these questions.


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