MTV Ace Of Space Episode 37 25th November 2018: Big Breakup or Patch Up?
Image Source: The Indian Express

In the recent episodes of one of the most loving show of MTV, Ace Of Space, we have seen that the high-voltage drama that can be treat for a true drama lover. We have seen fights, friendship, breakups and much more in the one show. The wildcard entries make the atmosphere of the shrinking house more wild and crazy, the show is getting more and more interesting day be day.

MTV Ace Of Space is based on a very interesting concept of ultimate battle for survival! The show consists 18 contestants and 6 claustrophobic rooms, the show is better defined as a race game of cards that makes the show completely unpredictable.

In the last episode of Ace Of Space, we have seen Faizy Boo‘s biggest sacrifice when opponent team chopped off his hair, he agreed for this big sacrifice to win the title of MTV’s show. Faizy also wins heats of his teammates with his sacrifice of his hair which he admires so much.

And the host of the show Mastermind Vikas Gupta knows how to add more spice into the show, he is popularly known for taking the show to the next level with crazy new tasks. It seems like the MTV Ace Of Space house has new revelations, drama, breakups and budding love.

In the last episode, Divya Agarwal cleared that she has had enough of her friend or best buddy Varun Sood‘s indecisive behaviour towards her. She opened up about Varun’s actions and went on to confess that his actions don’t coordinate well with his words. She discussed about the thought running in her mind with Fizah Khan.

In MTV Ace Of Space episode 37, 25th November 2018, Divya Agarwal drew everyone’s attention when she finally spoke out about her casino image in front of Varun Sood. We have recently seen that Varun and Divya’s friendship got bitter after Chetna entered in the house, but it seems like the two buddies are back on their friendship track after Varun’s emotional breakdown in his buddy Divya’s arms. Stay tuned with us for latest information and written updates.



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