MTV Ace Of Space Episode 34 | 22nd November 2018
Image Source: Our Nagpur

In the last episode of MTV Ace Of Space, we have seen that the housemate gets a ‘freedom and space.’ Mastermind Vikas Gupta provided them with a feel of freedom as he unlocks all the doors of the house that shrinks. The contestants, who are living a life of prisoner as they only allowed to live in their separate small locked rooms, gets the free to visit any room they want. Mastermind also allows them to get mingle freely with other contestants of the house.

After the recent nomination process, several contestants get nominated. Feel free to vote for your favourite contestant. You can also vote for your favourite contestant on The housemates seize the golden opportunity of their freedom. The contestants, who were locked in their separate shrinking rooms, stand a chance to party hard.

In MTV Ace Of Space Episode 34, 22nd November 2018, Sankalp Sharma and Sambhav Sharma, Omprakash Mishra and the Baawle brothers return to the show as they win the opportunity to enter in the house again. But as always there’s a twist in the show as there is only one spot left. However, it’s a secret task that Bigg Boss fame Mastermind Vikas Gupta assigned.

In the latest episode of MTV Ace Of Space, it will be very interesting to see which contestant will win the golden opportunity to step into the house. Omprakash Mishra and the Baawle, Sankalp Sharma and Sambhav Sharma will compete with other to win that one spot to step foot into the house. It will be very interesting to see who will that one spot to enter in the house of MTV’s popular show Ace Of Space. Don’t miss the tonight’s episode of MTV Ace of Space as it’s going to be very interesting and engaging. You can also watch all the episode of show on Voot. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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