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In the latest episode of Ace of Space, we see that Prateek is irritated and says he is so tensed and he did not slept the whole night. Vikas Gupta wished Merry Christmas to every contestant. He says everybody is looking so good in red, white and black and tells how excited they are. Everybody says thank you and claps. Vikas says so finally you all are in the finale week. He added that Varun is sad and he says when we get outside the house then we will not get to see each other and he says he will miss Prateek.

Ace of Space 26th December 2018 episode starts when Vikas laughs and says this was unbelievable as Prateek and Varun always fought and who thought that Fizah will be mutual friend with Shehzad and they will talk to each other in their language and every one of them has surprised themselves. Vikas says the changes, the journey, the emotions have changed not just for you but also the fans who are waiting outside. Vikas says I am going to give you the taste of what you will be getting outside. He tells there is a Christmas tree and that has many gifts and one of them contains the name of each contestant and how we will fetch the gift. Vikas tells that you have to throw other’s gifts.

In order to save the gift then they have to get the people out of the fence so that they will get other’s gift. Vikas says this is not a team task and this is clearly an individual task as there will be only one winner and says All the Best to all of them. All the contestants reach the task area and everything was so nice there. Faiz goes there to become angel and everybody starts criticizing him. Varun starts fighting with Prateek. Let us see what will happen in MTV Ace of Space as the episodes are full of entertainment and drama in the house.



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