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From Hollywood Joker Movie is a Most awaited movie From DC Universe which has been finally released on 2 October 2019 (worldwide). The character Joker got fam by heath ledger’s acting and performance in the (The Dark Knight (2008), where the Joker is one of the evilest characters from DC comics which is loved by its audience. Joker is the most Iconic character from DC Universe and DC Comics, Joaquin Phoenix, the actor playing the role of Joker. The Joker movie is Dark where Aurther flex (Joker / Joaquin Phoenix) is the Main Character, in the storyline whole movie is filled with mysteries which is resolved till the end and it is the story of a person of Gotham city who become the most dangerous villain.

About Movie JOKER:
Gotham city is burning, falling and far from an ideal hometown. It is difficult for the poor to find a job here for there livings. In which  Arthur flex /Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) is the citizen of it, who is trying to keep his job. Aurther flex is a party clown and living with his mother penny in Gotham city. He suffers from a neurological disorder that causes him to laugh at inopportune times, and for medication, he visits with Social services worker. He was bullied by people due to which his happiness converted into madness, where he becomes Joker and he is the enemy of Batman.

Joker Movie Reviews and Ratings:
On behalf of the trailer and teasers of the Joker movie, it is assumed that it can get a chance to be in Oscar nomination, the performance and acting of Joaquin Phoenix shocks the audience. Joker movie is the origin story of Joker. The movie timing is 121 minute and language (English)
The movie gets the best ratings on behalf of trailers and teasers as IMDb gives the movie rating (9.4/10) maybe it can be changed as it is going to be released in India on 4 October 2019. Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie rating of (86%) and IGN gives this movie (10/10)

Joker Movie Day-wise Box Office collection

Joker movie 1st Day Box Office Collection: The movie was released in almost every country of the world and got some good response. The movie was awaited from a very long time therefore on the first day the movie managed to collect 6 Crore in the box office collection.

Joker movie 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Even on the second day as well, it deserved in the English Language have collected approx 3 crores for the second-day box office collection.

Joker 3rd Day Box Office Collection: The movie is going great in the box office and is loved by the people overseas as well. As the movie has only launched in English, it still gets some good response in the theatres. Joker movie collected approx 4 crores as the third-day box office collection.

About Joaquin Phoenix: The actor was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, U.S on October 28, 1974. He is an actor-producer-musician and activist. Phoenix starts his acting career from television series with his brother River Phoenix and sister Summer Phoenix. Phoenix has received a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe awards and three Academy Award Nomination.


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