rain. US cities

In a recent development, it was found that more rain was falling on some parts of the US and many towns in the US are not yet prepared for the situation like flooding.

If we take an instance, then we can look at one such community like Ellicott City, Md. It is in the valley west of Baltimore, and the town was founded in 1772, and it was some Revolutionary War-era buildings, and it still houses the businesses which are along the narrow main street, and it is in historic downtown. It is present at the confluence of three streams.

This downtown was mainly get destroyed by a flash flood in the year 2016, and the main street was a raging river, and it tears off everything that comes in its way. It usually takes millions of dollars and least a year to rebuild it. After the rebuild, many businesses were reopening on the eve of the Memorial Day Weekend on 2018 but before it could happen a thunderstorm occurred. This thunderstorm has dropped about 8 inches of rain in about three hours, and the roads have become a river, and in this, a man also got killed.

According to Kevin Bloom, this is the new normal way and the family who owned West End Service and it is a local commercial truck dealership since the 1920s. He is said to be standing in front of a boxy garage, and it looks across the parking lot, and it should be full of vehicles which are waiting to be sold or get fixed.

He added by saying that, whenever there is a storm, we usually move things out of the way. This is the way we operate, and it points up the hill where he has parked his inventory. We can have a real estate, and we can use certain times of year and because there is always a threat of the storm. It is now a tropical storm, but it is a thunderstorm.

As per the scientists, they said that the main reasons for floods are more rain and nothing is there to soak up the water.


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