Moon of Saturn gets covered by mysterious stripe
Image Source: Astronoo

As per scientists, they have founded mysterious straight bright stripes. These stripes are said to have discovered on the moon of Saturn’s Dione. The scientists have found some bright streaks that are said to be running for tens of thousands of kilometres in which this has been found on one of the Saturn’s moons. This new study has been published in Geophysical Research Letters. In the paper, it is said that the origins of the linear virgae or stripes are said to be caused by the draping of the surface materials which is like material that is from Saturn’s rings or passing comets or even co-orbital moons Helene and Polydeuces.

According to Alex Patthoff who is from Planetary Science Institute in the US, said that the evidence which is said to be preserved in the linear virgae has got some kind of implications for the orbital evolution as well as impact the process which is within the Saturnian system.

Patthoff added by saying that the interaction of Dione’s surface, as well as an exogenic material, has got the implications for the habitability as it provides some kind of evidence for the delivery of the ingredients that will get contribute to the habitability of the ocean worlds that is present in general.

It has been said that Patthoff and Emily S Martin who is from National Air and Space Museum has said to be studied the images which are from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. They too have revealed this type of features on the Saturn’s moon Rhea.

It is said that the linear virgae of Dione are long, narrow as well as brighter than the surrounding terrains, as per researchers. The stripes that are present there are said to be parallel, and it appears to overlie with other features which seems to be unaffected by the topography. This suggests that they exist among the youngest surfaces on Dione.

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