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New Delhi: In a new report related to the Monsoon, it confirms that this year Monsoon is progressing at dismal pace if compared to the last 12 years. The report says that this year Monsoon just stretched around 10-15% portion of the whole country that considered as the slowest. However, the monsoon has covered with the usual impact on the two-thirds part of the country in the current year. The slow process of the monsoon caused 44% shortage of rain in some region of the country from the 1st of June. According to the reports of India Meteorological Department(IMD) says that Monsoon is picking up the pace, but it will take to conquer the entire country.

Recently, the entire state of Kerala has been covered by the monsoon along with some parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It expects that Monsoon will take 3 to 4 more days to cover the state of Tamil Nadu and Konkan coast. It reached to Maharashtra by the end of June, and the estimated date is the 25th of June.

“We expect monsoon to reach the Konkan coast in another two-or-three days and cover most of Maharashtra by June 25. Nearly all of central India is likely to come under the monsoon system by June end, which means it is behind schedule by nearly 15 days,” stated by head monsoon forecaster of India Meteorological Department D Sivananda Pai.

Shortage of water is some region including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Central India, and South India that enhance the necessity of Monsoon. The current year progress of the Monsoon slowest since from 2007. The fastest growth of the Monsoon was in 2013, Kedarnath Disaster also took place in the same year. This year Monsoon will cover entire India by the first week of July. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to weather.


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