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E-Cigarettes made a huge impact on the market back in 2007 claiming that it helps people quit smoking. Smoking e-cigarettes turn out to be dangerous as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as they say, that it is encouraging more people towards smoking. According to the reports, ministery of health is going to ask the government of India to stop the import and sales of e-cigarettes and all the ENDS devices. The main reason behind the ban of e-cigarettes is that the ministery of health thinks that electronic cigarettes are promoting the use of nicotine among the youngsters of India.

What Are ENDS Devices?

E-cigarettes are rechargeable smoking devices which use pods and atomizers along with flavors equivalent to the feel of cigarettes. It works on the principle of an electronic nicotine delivery system also called ENDS. Government of India did put an end to all kinds of ENDS last year but such devices are still in use. This time the government is working with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to ban vapes, vape pens, e-hookah, and shisha. In context to ban all such type of materials, GOI is going to pass an ordinance bill to strictly eliminate the ENDS from India. As per the reports by ICMR, there are more than 460 brands under e-cigarettes and more than 7,700 liquid flavors including nicotine and non-nicotine flavors in India. The number of users is not clear due to which, the officials can not identify the amount of harm caused by e-cigarettes on the people using this ENDS device.

Ministry Of Health, Ban, E-Cigarettes, ENDS Devices
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There is no such evidence that proves that e-cigarettes help to quit smoking by the US Food and Drug Administration. ICMR released a paper on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, that the small amount nicotine in the flavor of e-cigarettes tends to addict the non-smokers towards nicotine. Joy Kumar Chakma who is a scientist working at the noncommunicable disease department stated the harmful effects of e-cigarettes in his paper published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research. The paper says, “E-cigarettes are increasingly becoming popular among the youth. Though when it comes to helping (people) quit smoking, vapes are estimated to be almost equal to—if not less than in efficiency than—nicotine patches. However, the variability of nicotine delivery with each puff and the amount of nicotine in various brands makes the former almost an unreliable option.” Now that vapes have equivalent effects of nicotine patches, it is better to not use ENDS devices even for the sake of fun. The increasing craze of vapes and e-cigars is leading to smoking in public places. This may give a chance to people to rise the conventional smoking, said Dean E. Schraufnagel from the department of medicine at the University of Illinois, U.S.

E-cigarettes use refills which contain liquid-polypropylene glycol. It depends whether the flavor contains nicotine or not. The refill gets heat and creates aerosol which the user intakes while smoking vape or e-cigarette. There are a lot of brands in which researchers have found aldehydes, terpenes, silicate particles, and heavy metals which are toxic substances enough to cause harmful damages to an individual body including the immune system and cardiovascular system. There is no 100 percent surety that ENDS might get ban in India but there are going to be awareness programs asking the young generation to make their choice wisely after studying all the glitches and other risks of vaping.


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