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Ever wish that you could see other planets in our solar system without launching on a deep space mission? After launching of 3D printed planet model and an advanced-reality (AR) app, it is possible to start an interplanetary adventure by the palm of our hand.

The company that has been brought by Astro Reality for you, the same company that has created the “Chandra” AR Moon model and its new Earth equivalent, in this set ”  all eight planets and a model of the dwarf planet Pluto. Each model is color-printed with a resolution of 1.2 inches (3 centimeters) and 0.1 millimeters per pixel in diameter.

Without the AR app, you can admire the features of Pluto’s “Hearts” and Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.  But when you open Astro Reality app (available for iOS and Android) on your mobile device, then the actual external space adventure starts and the camera points to one of the nine models.

After calibrating the app by aligning the view of the camera with the planet’s virtual model (or dwarf planet), you can search the objects closely. The app brings the model to life by showing planetary atmospheres, moons, and rings. It also includes real-time data and other data such as the diameter of the object, mass, and distance from the sun, as well as length of one day and length of one year.

Astro Realty spokesman Anna Palagy  told, “AR visualization is based on real-time calculations of planetary orbits.” “The data and images used to make these are from the NASA Science Solar System Exploration,” an interactive web page with real-time measurements and visualization of solar system bodies.

In the AR app, you can see the difference between day and night because the sun illuminates half of every object and leaves the other half in the dark. Since the app works in real time, if you are looking for a specific feature, then at that time it can be difficult to look in the darkness and the difficulty. If so, then you can wait for a while, unless the particular site is turned into daylight.

You can buy Astro Reality Solar System Mini Set for $ 129 here. Minis is not sold separately. Astro Reality also sells the AR model similar to Earth’s Moon as low as $ 39, so if you are interested in trying out the app but $ 129 is not ready to spend, then you would like to check them first.

The company also provides a quiet moon AR notebook in which the virtual moon is experienced and has a textured image of the moon. Chief producer of Astro Reality, Joan Dai told that the company starts working on a new AR Mars model, which is similar to the Grape-sized Earth model .

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