Mars, life

In a discovery, the researchers from the University of Edinburgh has found some rocks on Mars which are found on near the sites of ancient lakes on the Red Planet. These lakes are said to be holding the necessary proof about the existence of the life which might be once existed there.

The study which was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research focuses on some important areas present on the red planet. These areas have the possibility where fossils can be found out, and they are likely to exist inside the rocks near the long-dead lakes. As per the researchers, the best part of the research was to find the proof of the microbes on Mars which are once existed on the rocks which are rich in iron and silica which has formed on the ancient lake beds.

The rocks that present there are said to be formed between 3 billion years and 4 billion years ago. The time period in which it has formed is said to be Noachian epoch. It is the oldest region on the Mars, and during that period, it is believed that Mars has a lot of water on its surface and also has warmer temperatures. These conditions might help the life forms to exist on Mars.

According to the team which includes the NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory and scientists from Brown, Yale and MIT said, “The Martian surface is cold, dry, exposed to biologically harmful radiation and apparently barren today. Nevertheless, there is clear geological evidence for warmer, wetter intervals in the past that could have supported life at or near the surface. This evidence has motivated National Aeronautics and Space Administration and European Space Agency to prioritize the search for any remains or traces of organisms from early Mars in future missions.”



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