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On another day, another planet goes back and reverses some former peaceful part of our lives. Tomorrow, Mars will join the retrograde roster in Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, and its places will be set on our actions, decisions, and tempers.

When it is direct, Mars is our jetpack, which forces us to move forward in our efforts, with little concern for the effect of our efforts. Unless we are on the move, even if it means barricading with the locked door instead of waiting to find the right key, anything else matters to the planet of this fire. But, when Mars begins to replicate regularly every two years, we take our time.

Get ready for all those who you know to ask, “Is Mercury RNN to be repelled? Things in this sky may be a bit intense in this summer, but it is not the effect of Mercury that you are still feeling. On June 26, Mars currently joins the Taylor Swift-shaped team of replica planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune. And of course, Mercury will start again on July 26. So, there’s a lot going on – by the end of July, six planets have to be repelled.

So anyway what about this retrograde business?

When astrologer says that “a replica of a planet” is, then we mean that the orbit of the planet takes the presence of moving towards the rear. Rather than going east to west, it seems that the planet is going from west to east. It may also appear that they are making lines or loops across the sky. Thanks to the study of astronomy, we know that the planets really do not change the course of their orbits during a retrograde, it only looks for us on Earth. Retrogrades are basically a big, temporal optical illusion.

This is where the vengeance of a planet begins to affect us individually. Of course, these astrological periods can cause a little devastation and move things, but they also take the energy of the planet and tell us to use it for reflection instead of the speed ahead. That’s easy to realize that when we do this, we are losing land or pulling backwards, but this is also an illusion – we have the power to correct our mistakes alone and eliminate our unfinished business is.

When the planets began to retreat, then it is the right time to lose loops, bind the right mistakes and become self-reliant. These astrological times ask us to embrace those things which we are hiding and from whom we have tried to bury. If you have not suffered from the fight with your family or stuff from the breakup of your family last year, then these things now have a way of surfing. Keep your eyes out for all types and ancestors of their play. Just because someone backs up in your life does not mean that you need to entertain them – you can work completely off.

Retrograde is also a time to look at how well we can roll with the screw and focus on what these recessions and what the Misphire can teach us. Retrogrades call us to keep endurance, pay attention, and take care of our transactions. It does not look so bad, is not it?

It appears that all these planets have been set to retrograde at a relatively short time. Here’s about retrogrades: At any time, there is always at least one planet in retrograde. Depending on the speed of their orbits, the retrograde period ranges from a few weeks to the mercury, such as Mercury, about half a year (I see you, Neptune).  Most of our lives are spent in the shadow of a retrograde or another shadow, and the withdrawal of planets does not mean that we have to keep our whole life or keep on the brace for chaotic total effects. When there are so many planets in retroRed, it can definitely be a bit of cumulative effect.

In astrology, each planet affects various aspects of our daily life and big cosmic picture. When the planets take a clear replication, we can realize that these parts of our lives are affected.

For example, take the latest member of the Retrograde Club: Mars, the ruling planet of energy, will and firmness. During the replica of Mars from June 26 to August 27, we can expect to feel a bit lazy and impatient. Mars only goes to the retrograde once every two years. You will definitely feel in matters of work or school, but also within your physical abilities. Slow down during the retrograde planet and relax some. Even if you are starting new things or doing some big tricks, still focus on small pieces that you just want to finish, just trying to move towards the finish line. Now there is also a time to resolve and remove any conflicts that you have done in the last two years which is not disturbing.

When there is basically a bunch of moonlight planets through the sky, it is definitely reasonable to feel a little more “closed” in general. Spend some time to learn the effects of retribution of each planet and spend more time in combating things which are trying to avoid things more slowly, to deal with those things make plan. Retrogrades can be scary and depressing, but only then are we opposing the ways in which they are asking us to do the treatment work. Be weak, merciless, honest, and be gentle with yourself and the people around you.

If you are not in a reflective mood but still want to stay on the good side of Mars planet, just try your best to be patient and kind. Daveworth says, “Instead of being aggressive, take steps and be quick to show compassion.” The more this planet is associated with the collision and, yes, the aggression, during its backspin, that effect can come back inclination and later you can bite.

Mars will go directly on August 27, so at least your Labor Day weekend plan will come out as expected. He said, perhaps it is still a good idea that you do not recite your ex back.





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