Mars may have got enough oxygen to support life
Image Source: Times of India

The salty waters that are present on the surface of the Mars can able to hold enough oxygen which can support microbial life that has emerged as well as flourishing on Earth. As per the new study, it said that the Red Planet has got plenty of capabilities in which it can able to support life even today. As per the study paper, the researchers have said to have been calculated the presence of liquid water on Mars.  They added by saying that if this happens, then it can able to hold more than enough oxygen in itself and can support the life there.

The co-author of this study paper was from Caltech as well as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). This paper was published in journal Nature Geoscience.

As per VladaStamenkovic, who is the lead author of this paper and is a theoretical physicist at the JPL said that they have discovered the brines in water which has got some high concentrations of salt. The Mars has got enough oxygen for the microbes to breathe. This all pieces of evidence have helped us to understand the potential of the life on Mars.

According to the data from European spacecraft, it shows that there might be the presence of water beneath the layer of ice on Mars South Pole. The detection of perchlorate salts has said to have been detected at various places on Mars. These findings are said to be key findings as this salty water that is close to the surface of Mars can able to absorb the Orygen from the thin atmosphere of Mars.

As of now, it has been said by Stamenkovic that the results that have been got till now have not implied that there is life on Mars. But it may get affected due to the dissolved oxygen.

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