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Mariam Khan Reporting Live episode starts with Mariam meeting her abbu and they have a talk. She says I missed you so much. Mijaz Khan asks Mariam to swear on his life that she will not tell anyone about meeting him. Mijaz Khan says this secret is in between him and Mariam. Fawad sees where is Mariam. Mijaz Khan says that there is an important mission and I am going to unleash this terrorist gang and will come to you soon. Mijaz Khan asks Mariam to stay calm and not to say anything.

In Mariam Khan Reporting Live 26th December 2018 written updates, Mariam asks if he will come in her wedding. Mijaz says I will surely come. Mariam says how you will manage to come. Mijaz Khan says I will try and I will not fail. Fawad also looks for Mariam and thinks where she must be. Fawad sees two men who were there in the kidnapping. Fawad thinks maybe they are planning some terrorist activity. Mijaz says I have to leave as the problem will arrive if someone will see us together. Fawad fight with them and Mijaz sees him fighting. Mariam also comes and Fawad says they are terrorist. Mijaz Khan leaves.

Fawad calls and Mariam comes there. Fawad comes and asks how is she. Mariam hugs him and thinks thank god he has not seen her together with Mijaz Khan. Fawad asks her not to worry. Mariam thinks I want to tell Fawad that my abbu is protecting the nation but I cannot. Madheeha makes face pack and says Mariam will apply it and then she will become beautiful like the moon. Fawad’s mother becomes angry when she sees them grinding haldi. Mufat becomes jealous. Fawad says you are my responsibility and I cannot see you with Mijaz Khan. For Mariam Khan Reporting Live written updates, stay tuned with us.


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