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Mariam Khan Reporting Live is the episode which comes on Star Plus. The serial is also getting a lot of fame. Mariam gets the message of his abbu from the drone and she becomes happy and thinks she is coming to his abbu. She gets ready and Mijaz Khan talks to himself. He says that he always missed her so much and he wants to meet her badly. Mijaz Khan cries and sees the sketch which he made of Mariam.

In Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th December 2018 written episode we will see that Mariam will be so tensed because of the fact that she is hiding the truth of his abbu from Fawad. She goes. Bebe talks to her sister and asks where is Mariam and Mariam listens what she is saying. Mijaz Khan takes out the toys of Mariam and thinks he always thought of Mariam while seeing these toys. Mijaz Khan says allah has listened to him and he is so happy. Mariam thinks she should take kheer for abbu as he always likes it so much. Mariam’s sister asks where is Mariam.

Madheeha and her daughter looks for Mariam. Mariam packs the kheer in a utensil and she escapes so no one will see her. Mariam thinks how she will go as only fifteen minutes are left now. Fawad comes there and asks what happened. Mijaz Khan listens what other people are saying. Fawad comes and then he says I have made this ring for you and please take it so our love will be increased. Mariam becomes so happy and Fawad hugs him. Fawad says that we will have to leave for candlelight dinner. Mariam asks Fawad to get ready and she goes outside. For updates of Today’s episode of Mariam Khan Reporting Live, stay tuned with us.


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