China, illegal Ozone, CFC

An environmental pressure group said today that Chinese factories use ozone-depleted CFCs. Recently, scientists are worried and there is an increase in emission.

The EIA Campaign said chlorofluorocarbon banning 18 factories in China.
Producers and dealers have told environmental researchers that China’s production of Chinese paints is a painstaking application in the field of high-demand industrial production. The CFC-11 is consistently used for high quality and low cost. CFCs are chemicals that reduce the ozone layer. A dangerous gaseous cover protects life from sunbathing against the Earth. He was banned by the internationally binding 1987 Montreal Protocol and the 2010 officially ending CFCs in developing countries.
Chinese authorities say that in 2007, the industrial use of the CCC was successfully completed. In response, the Beijing Ministry of Environment was unable to attend. According to a report of the company, the company’s sources were that CFC’s “inside” of the licensed factories was concealed from a Mongolian “Sevana” operation and customs officials.
Others quoted in the report said that their companies produce their own substance; one source says that its factories can produce a 40-ton CFC agent per day. The vendors who cited environmental impacts are also exporting CFC agents that are limited by exporting Chinese companies for exporting prohibited hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and other chemical compounds.

In countries in Asia and the Middle East, exports of such exports amount to a unique opportunity for countries that have committed to ban CFCs, the report said.  EIA American Executive Director Alexander von Bismarck said, “If China does not stop this illegal production, then it will gradually correct the ozone layer.” “CFC-11 is also a super global hot, making it a serious threat to our climate too.”
The report comes from a working group of Montreal Protocol in Vienna from 11-14 July, where the simulated CFC-11 emission issue is likely to be on the agenda. In May, a team of international scientists published a survey that indicated the decline in the CFC-11 in the atmosphere in 2012, suggesting that it has been secretly manufactured despite global limitations.
Researchers said that data has pointed to East Asia as a source of renewable production, but they have less stops than naming a specific country. Scientists say that at present, Earth is for much degree warming till 2100. It will ruin many parts of the planet due to flood, drought, desertification, rising seas and storms.


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