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The forthcoming lunar eclipse is going to take place on either 20th of January 2019 or 21st of January 2019. The good news for this lunar eclipse is that it will be visible from South America, Africa, North America as well as Europe. Costa Rica, on the other hand, is not an exception to this moon watching, and people of Costa Rica are also going to witness the phenomenal glimpse of the blood moon. in its official website has reportedly explained the specialty of the lunar eclipse by saying that the lunar eclipses take place when the shadow of the Earth blocks the light of the sun and this generally reflects off of the moon. In simpler words, the full moon is regarded to be in the same collinear line with that of the Earth and the Sun.

Costa Rica’s convenient weather condition will allow the people of the region to enjoy and appreciate the celestial phenomena from different parts of the country. The lunar eclipse will begin on 20th of January at around 9:33 pm and it will continue towards the early morning hours of 21st January. It is also predicted that this is going to be a complete eclipse. The stargazers all around the world are rejoicing as of now as the universe will be giving an exciting year as far as astronomy is concerned.

The year 2019 is going to feature around five of the eclipses along with a rare transit of the planet. It is also predicted that there will be one of the best meteor showers and last but not the least a super blood wolf moon. The New Year will also bring a blue moon, three supermoon as well as multiple meteor showers. There will be a closer approach by Jupiter and the moon and numerous rocket launches.

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