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In a recent development, Apollo scientists have conducted the experiments on the Moon and have discovered the surface of the satellite buddy who got mysteriously warmer. It has occurred between 1971 and 1977, and the data which is from 1974 went missing, and the strange warming phenomenon has remained an enigma.

The team from Texas Tech University has found this missing data and has restored that data. After the restoration of data, they have found that the source of the warming was the presence of the humans. This experiment was known as heat flow experiment, and it was specially designed to determine the rate at which the interior of the Moon loses heat.

Astronauts with Apollo 15 and 17 have drilled holes, and it is into the lunar surface, and it is upto the depths which is up to 2.3 meters and the probes measured the temperature at several depths in the holes. These were only long-term experiments, and they are left in place after the astronauts have departed and back to Earth.

At the Apollo 15 site, the surface and the subsurface temperatures were usually monitored from the year 1971 to 1977. At the Apollo 17 site, the temperatures were monitored from the December 1972 to September 1977.  This data was put on the tapes, and they are achieved at the US National Space Science Data Centre, and they occur until December 1974. Tapes are continued to be made at this point, and they have never made it to the data center.

In the year 2010, Texas Tech researchers made an amazing discovery which is 440 among the lost tapes and are tucked away at the Washington National Records Center. These findings are covered in the period which is from the April through June 1975, and it represents less than 10 percent of all the tapes.

In the paper, it was mentioned that the recently acquired images of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera over the two landing sites which shows the paths of the astronauts turned darker by lowering the albedo.

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