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In a recent observation, it was found that the lightning strikes which occur on Jupiter are like more or less like the lighting on Earth. This thing was revealed from the thunderstorms data which are obtained from the distant orbiter planet Jupiter. The lighting was named as Jovian lighting also been predicted by the scientists and was confirmed in 1979 after the Voyager 1 recorded the phenomenon in 1979.

This new study was published in the journal Nature, and the scientists from NASA’s Juno mission have found that the storms which take place at Jupiter are same as the storm that occurs at the Earth. The discovery was supported by the second Nature paper which was published by the team from the Czech Academy of Sciences, and they have been presented the largest known collection of the lightning strikes from the giant planet.

The scientists who discovered these lighting on Jupiter was in the form of radio waves, and they have generated like Whistles. When these waves played as audio the show a slow descending whistling pitch and sound like a bomb has fallen, and distortions have caused when they have passed through the planet’s plasma.

These whistlers are said to be not alone as they have also detected a high energy flash known as sferic and it makes the scientists release the main reason behind the lighting conditions. The two instruments which are used in Juno are the Waves plasma and radio wave detector and Microwave detector which have given all the solutions to the mysteries.

These instruments have already discovered about six times more lighting than what was discovered by Voyager, and it is seen that there are upto four lighting strikes occurred per second and they are similar to the rate of strikes that occur on Earth Surface. The results of the study were published in pairs of papers.

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