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When Mount Kilauea Volcano got activated it result in a river of lava which was spewed from the foot of Hawaii’s Kilauea mountain. The lava that has spewed from the mountain has destroyed about three dozen more homes on the Big Island, and it has brought to about 120 number of dwellings that are devoured since last month, as per officials.

According to the Hawaii County Civil Defense agency, the loss occurred in the mounting property was reported a day after five or six people have chosen to stay in the newly evacuated Kapoho area after the road access was cut off and they were later rescued by the helicopter. It is believed that the nearly 500 inhabitants of Kapoho and adjoining area of Vacationland development are now believed to have fled from their homes as said by the spokesman.

This damage that was caused from the mount Kilauea eruption results in a large amount of lava that sweeps across several miles, and later it reached a key highway junction at Kapoho on Saturday, and it is obliterating about a half-dozen blocks of the subdivision over the weekend. The officials said that some lava was getting poured into a small freshwater lake and it boiled away all the water on Saturday, and another amount of lava was getting poured into Kapoho Bay on Sunday night.

Till now about three dozen of structures which includes private homes and vacation rentals were lost or destroyed, and the rest was consumed weeks earlier in the larger Leilani Estates which is several miles to the West. It is believed that nearly 2000 residents were displaced from Leilani since last month and high concentrations of toxic sulfur dioxide gas were continued till now. As a result, compulsory evacuation process was imposed last week.



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