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NASA has sent and apparatus to the International Space Station in order to create the coldest temperatures. It is going to create a spot 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of the space. This was launched to the ISS on Monday and scientists are now able to create the coldest temperature in the space by focusing on atoms of the weird quantum behavior.

The Cold Atom Laboratory, whose payload size is about the size of the ice chest which is placed aboard orbital ATK’s Cygnus rocket. This CAL is a physics research facility which is designed and built by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California. It will have chill clouds of atoms which will be created by using the lases and magnets which are present abroad in the space station.

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In order to create the coldest temperature, a combination of lasers and magnets will be used to chill and slow the atom clouds in just fraction which is above the Absolute Zero.This Absolute Zero is known as Zero Kelvin (-273.15 Celsius or -459.67 Fahrenheit). This Absolute Zero is said to be the coldest temperature in the Universe and this is impossible to achieve as at a point the atoms stop moving.

The Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) is capable of cooling the clouds if an atom to about one-tenth of the billion of the degree which is above the absolute zero and it causes them to move to the extremely slow and by this way it exhibits the microscopic quantum phenomena. These types of clouds are known as Bose-Einstein condensates.

According to the Anita Sengupta, who is the CAL project manager of JPL said, “If you had superfluid water and spun it around in a glass, it would spin forever. There’s no viscosity to slow it down and dissipate the kinetic energy. If we can better understand the physics of superfluids, we can possibly learn to use those for more efficient transfer of energy.” This launch will help the researchers to get data about many important things.


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