The conspiracy theorists who all are obsessed with this idea about the Large Hadron Collider said that they might summon the black hole or can also open the gateway to the hell. As per the scientists, they have now appointed that these hidden dangers of the particle accelerators which is like LHC. The Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees usually describes the risks about this in his new book. The name of the book is On the Future: Prospects for Humanity.

As per the reports, it may be a black hole which can form, and after that, it will suck everything inside it or present around it. The next scary possibility is about the quarks that would reassemble themselves into compressed objects called strangelets.

As per the reports, it is said that it will be harmless but under some hypotheses, a strangelet can by contagion able to convert anything that is present with anything else that it encounters to a new form of matter. The transformation of the entire earth in the hyperdense sphere is about one hundred meters across.  It sounds like a little cramped, but one has to wait to get it even worse, as said by Rees.

Rees said that this empty spaces or vacuum is nothing. It is like an arena in which every kind of activity goes on. All the forces, as well as particles which govern with the physical world, is said to be present in the vacuum and this can be unstable as well as fragile.

Some of them are said to be speculated with the concentrated energy that is created when the particles have crashed together that could trigger a phase transition. It would be ripped in the fabric of space, and this would be the cosmic calamity which is said to be not the terrestrial one.


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