Prithvi To Go Jail: Kundali Bhagya Written Updates 7th January 2019
Image Source: IWMBuzz

Kundali Bhagya is one f the most popular and most loving show of ZEE TV. The show is attracting more viewers due to its interest story plot and unpredictable twists and turns. There is so much happening in the show which you just cannot afford to miss if you are a true fan of the show. In the previous episode of the show, we have seen police has put Rishab behind the bars in the murder of Rithvik.

After police took Rishab to the jail, Preeta and Rakhi handle Karan and tries to console him. On the other hand, Sherlyn celebrates their victory with Prithvi, who is a master of the art of manipulaton. Sherlyn gets to know how the clever and evil Prithvi manipulates the goon and how police charged Rishab for bribing.

After all this, Monisha becomes restless as she has lost the person she loves the most in the world. Monisha is extremely angry and is all set to take revenge from Sherlyn, Prithvi, Arora family and Luthra family. She goes beyond her limits to take revenge, she even blackmails Prithvi.

In Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2019 episode, Monisha will come forward against Prithvi and tells him in clear words that they all did wrong with him by killing Rithvik. Well, this is not all as she also tells Prithvi that she will make sure that they all will face consequences for what they did to her. She even warns Prithvi that after Rishab it is his turn to go to jail.

Monisha’s this bold behaviour makes Prithvi shocked. He could not help but only looks at her shockingly. Will Monisha become successful in taking revenge from Prithvi? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite ZEE TV show Kundali Bhagya and written updates.


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