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In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see that Truck driver is injured and then Srishti follows him and asks why did accident of Ritvik. Srishti says maybe he fainted. Bike rider thinks what they should do. Rishab waits in the cafe and thinks might be Ritvik changed his mind and will not come now. He gets call of Karan and Karan tell him that he will not come. Rishab asks what happened. Rishab says mastermind has changed his mind. Karan says Ritvik is no more and he is dead. Karan says we are on the spot where he died.

In the Kundali Bhagya 26th December 2018 we will see that Prithvi will wait for the call from Billa and then he becomes worried. He thinks I am so fed up with this suspense and thinks to call Billa. Srishti and Bike rider takes Billa to the dhaba. Srishti says she has to see who is calling him but they do not see who is calling him. Srishti says she will see who is calling him and she tries to take out the phone but he comes in senses. Prithvi thinks he has to see what is happening there. Police come and asks what is happening.

Rishab sees the body of Ritvik and gets scared. He gets hyper and asks Ritvik to tell him what he was about this. Karan says this was not an accident and this was the planned murder. Karan says mastermind has killed him and he does not want him to tell us the truth. Truck driver says he has not done this knowingly. Srishti says I will kill you if you will not tell me the truth. Prithvi will go to see what has happened and he thinks maybe public caught him and killed him. Stay tuned for more updates of Kundali Bhagya.


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