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In the earlier episode of Kundali Bhagya we see that Preeta cries as Karina said something wrong to her. Karan asks her to cry more. Preeta gets angry. Karan says that she always irritates him. Karan says that I am more mature and intelligent than you and Mumma. Karan says that you care about Rishab and you are trying to take out Rishab from the bad situation. Preeta looks at him and says I am feeling better and I was thinking that if something bad happens in this home then this is my mistake. Karan says that you are the best and care for us but Kareena does not know this.

In Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2019 written updates we are seeing a lot of drama is happening in the show and Karan says that he is so lucky that he got this type of friend who takes care of everyone. Preets hugs him. Karan remains silent. Preeta and Karan share a good bond and Karan asks her to come downstairs. Monisha looks at the photo of Ritvik and remembers him. She cries and remembers what Preeta asked her to do so. She thinks if she should take the side of Ritvik or Prithvi. She thinks she will investigate the murder and then she will take any decision.

Prithvi thinks that he is the murderer and nobody will get to know about him and nobody is going to say anything against him. Sherlin was with him and says he should stay alert. Sherlin says that she cares for him. Prithvi asks her to be happy for her. Prithvi is so happy and says that Janki and Billa were the two threats for him and now no threat is there for him. Prithvi thinks that Janki has lost her memory and Billa is in his pocket so there is nothing which can scare him. Janki gets a nightmare and sees Prithvi in his dreams. She starts shouting. Sarla comes and asks what happened. Sarla says they will kill me. Sarla says we are here. Janki says that she has seen Prithvi. Dadi says that she is pointing out Prithvi. For more updates of Kundali Bhagya written episode, stay tuned with us.


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