Pragya To Tell King Everything: Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates 6th December 2018
Image Source: TellyChakkar

We have seen that Abhi’s situation is being quite unstable since he got to know about the biggest truth of his life that Kiara, whom he adores so much, is his daughter whom he shares with Pragya. Abhi, who is extremely upset and angry with Pragya as she hid the major secret from him, wants to clear things. Abhi desperately wants to know that why Pragya kept this big secret from him? Why Pragya kept a father and a daughter (Abhi and Kiara) away from each other? Abhi has no chill since learning that he is a real father of Kiara, he has a lot to ask from Pragya.

There is high-voltage drama going on in the ZEE TV’s popular romantic drama show Kumkum Bhagya. What hurts Abhi more is the fact that even Disha was aware of this big truth, but she never reveal it in front of Abhi. Overall, Abhi is very upset that such a big secret was kept from him. On the other hand, King takes a stand for Pragya against the accusations on her Pragya by King’s aunt (Chachi). Pragya realizes that it has been such a long time she is hiding her past secret from King and thinking of coming up clean in front of King.

Pragya decides to tell King about her past, she decides to tell him everything from having relationship with Abhi to Kiara’s truth. But it seems like Pragya cannot have a moment of peace in her life. The tonight’s episode also features a one on one conversation between King and Abhi, in which King speaks out about the stuff. Now it would be very interesting to see if Pragya will tell the truth to King before Abhi spill the beans in front of King. Stay tuned with us for latest updates of your favourite shows and written episodes.



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