Kumkum Bhagya 30 November 2018 Episode Written Updates:
Image Source: Times Now

There is so much drama going on in the ZEE TV‘s one of the most loving TV show Kumkum Bhagya which you just cannot miss. As Abhi get to know about the biggest truth of his life that he has a daughter he never knew, he gets mad at Pragya for hiding this truth from him and to keep his daughter Kiara away from him. When Abhi finally found out that Kiara is his daughter whom he shares with Pragya, he becomes extremely angry on Pragya.

In Kumkum Bhagya 30 November 2018 episode, Abhi feels cheated by Pragya as she hid Kiara’s truth from Abhi. Abhi being an aggressive person is very angry on Pragya. He clearly know that what he wants now, Abhi reaches at Pragya’s home in a drunk state, he reaches there to meet Kiara, his dear daughter whom he loves unconditionally.

As King is not there in the city, Pragya just cannot do anything to stop aggressive Abhi in his plans. When Abhi reaches to Pragya’s place and meet Kiara, he decides to take Kiara his home. Abhi picks up Kiara to take her to his home that leaves Pragya shock. Worried Pragya tries to stop Abhi, but he tells her in clear words that she just cannot stop him now as she know that Kiara is his daughter as well and as a father he has a complete right to take Kiara his home.

Meanwhile, Kiara, who just returned home from hospital after a road accident where she was surviving for her life, is asleep when Abhi comes to visit her and picks her up. Kiara has no idea that what is going on between Abhi and Pragya. It would be very interesting to see what will happen next in your favourite show Kumkum Bhagya. Stay tuned with us for latest information and written updates.


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