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In the last episode, we see that the Abhi gets the report and he becomes so happy and says that Kiara is my daughter and I knew that. Abhi says I knew that he and I share some special bond. He takes out the photo of Pragya and says that we are together. He becomes so excited and runs and collides with Tanu. He shows her the photo of Pragya. Tanu asks why you are showing me the photo of Pragya. Abhi says that she is pretty and you are free to go anywhere. Tanu asks what happened. Abhi says I am so happy and I am going. Tanu asks what is the good news. Abhi says he does not want to talk to her and goes. Tanu gets shocked.

In Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2019 written episode, we see that Tanu is insecure about the fact that Abhi is so happy and there is something which will affect her. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks what happened. Nikhil tells Tanu that DNA reports are out and they will be reaching to the house at anytime. Disha and Purab ask what you will say to Pragya. Abhi says that he will say that Pragya has lost her challenge and now he is taking Kiara with her and Pragya also. Disha says if you will say this then Pragya will become so angry and she will not come with you. Purab asks him to say sorry to Pragya and ask her to come home and say some romantic things.

Abhi sees Purab saying cheesy lines to Disha and he says that he is going to talk to Pragya. Disha says that if Pragya will lose then she will become angry. Disha asks Abhi to say sweet words to Pragya. Disha says good luck to Abhi. Abhi remembers moments with Pragya and he becomes so happy. All the romantic moments between Abhi and Pragya were shown. Abhi reaches Pragya’s home and starts saying things. He says we know that we both love each other. For more updates of Kumkum Bhagya, stay tuned with us.


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