Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2018 Episode Written Updates
Image Source: The Indian Express

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya shares her inner feelings in front of her love, Abhi, while crying. Pragya gets emotional which leads her to an emotional breakdown in front of her partner, Abhi. The emotional scene takes place at their bedroom where Pragya tells her inner feelings to Abhi with tears in her eyes. She even scolds on Abhi and tells how it feels to handle all the problems in the past 7 years.

She expresses her pain of 7 years from which she has been suffering all alone, which she was hiding in her heart until now. Meanwhile, the Diwali party time arrives for which Pragya arrives Mehra house with Abhi, Kiara also joins everyone in the party where Tannu misbehaves with Kiara, after which little Kiara gets hurt and starts crying.

Then Abhi tries to console Kiara and the two have some quality time together. Pragya witnesses the moments between Abhi and Kiara and gets happy at first but then she gets worried about what if Abhi get to know Kiara’s truth? Due to which Pragya starts running away from there and goes to her bedroom upstairs. Kiara fails to understand where her mom is going. Kiara and Sunny burn firecrackers together while Disha and Purav join them in the activity.

On the other hand, Pragya is worried and hiding Kiara’s truth. In the meanwhile, Abhi arrives there in search of Pragya and comes inside the bedroom. Worried Pragya closes the door of the bedroom, Abhi tries to know what’s wrong with Pragya as she behaves strangely. At that point, Pragya breakdowns and speaks out the truth which she was hiding for so long. She reveals in front of Abhi that what he did to her 7 years ago was so wrong as that leads Pragya to so much pain. Abhi gets shocks to listen Pragya and feels bad for her pain. It will be very interesting to see what Abhi will do after listings Pragya. Stay tuned with for more information and written updates.



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