Kulfi Gets Happy To Have 2 Fathers: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Updates 7th December 2018
Image Source: Hari Bhoomi

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th December 2018 episode, Kulfi gets double happy to know that now she has two fathers — Tevar and Sikandar — who adore her so much. As we have seen, Kulfi was very upset due to Tevar as he left her with Sikandar alone after learning about the biggest truth of his life that has shaken his world upside down. We have seen that Tevar got extremely shock to know that Kulfi is not his daughter but Amyra is his daughter, whom he shares with Sikandar’s wife Loveleen.

The latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala features the one on one conversation between Tevar and Sikandar in which Sikandar tells him that Kulfi was also aware of the truth that Tevar is not her real father but despite that she loved Tevar as a father exactly how he deserves. Tevar gets emotional after listening Sikandar and accepts Kulfi as his daughter again, this leads Kulfi to ultimate happiness as she gets two caring fathers at the same place.

Tevar feels guilty that he behaved so wrong with little Kulfi, who loves him so much with all her heart. Tevar apologizes to Kulfi for leaving her alone due to his anger, he accepts her along with Sikandar. We assure you that this is the best trio you have ever seen. Tevar, Kulfi and Sikandar share some quality family time together that will surely make your day, these family moments between Kulfi, Tevar and Sikandar are among some of the memorable moments of the musical drama show of Star Plus.

But as we know these three just cannot have a peace in their lives for too long, so it would be very interesting to see if Loveleen will play a new card against Tevar and Kulfi. Will Loveleen come up with yet another evil plan against Kulfi and Tevar? Stay tuned with us for the latest updates of your favourite shows and written episodes.


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