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In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have watched that everyone is busy in preparation for welcome Sikander as he is coming back after a long time. Sikander comes in a completely new Avatar and talking in a different pattern. He comes and only pampered Amyra and avoids Kulfi. Now,  Sikander calls unusual to his elder brother not what is usually used to calling him, Kulfi finds that odd and asked why Sikander is calling him by a different name. As all are going to having food but suddenly Johnny started barking on Sikander and Kulfi again find it unusual.

Sikander again eating food with Amyra only and Kulfi there is feeling sad because Sikander is not giving attention to her. Sikander yet accepts the welcome cake of Amyra and neglect the sweets of Kulfi that again hurts her. Lovely concerns to doctor about Sikander’s different behaviour the doctor said that Sikander had got a severe injury because of that he is acting different and he also has the posttraumatic stress disorder. Kulfi listened to all the conversation of Lovely and Veer’s elder brother.

Image Source: Hotstar

Lovely come to Sikander’s room for giving hem medicine and about leave, but Sikander stops her and says to spend some time with him. Lovely find it extremely weird because of a few days ago Sikander started hating Lovely because of her misdeeds. Amyra is rejoicing that happening as she is getting more attention and pampering than Kulfi and make Kulfi feel jealous by saying that Sikander loves Amyra more than Kulfi. Sikander there trying to come close to Lovely, she is happy but surprised to and said Amyra needs her and leave. Kulfi is very sad because of Sikander’s behaviour, and Lovely come to her to make her understand that she is much intelligent than Amyra and that’s why she has to suffer from all the worst situation. She also said that Amyra does not want to share his daddy with anyone and Amyra needs some time to adjust Kulfi in her life.

In the next episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we will see that Sikander awake next morning and going somewhere in the house, and Kulfi is sleeping outside Sikander’s room she also wakes up and runs after Sikander, she watches something unbelievable.


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