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In the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have watched that Kulfi’s bone marrow matched with Amyra’s bone marrow and she gets ready for the transplant for sake of Amyra’s life. But Sikander is not ready for this operation because he does not want that Kulfi bears the pain. Now, Kulfi hugged Sikander and make her calm and told him to allow him for transplant. After Sikander get ready for all and Kulfi also encourages him to sign on the paper. Kulfi promised to Sikander that her and Amyra will alright for sure and make Sikander to Sign on the paper.

Kulfi is getting ready for the operation, and Sikander is so much worried for Kulfi and told her to not to break her promise and come out safely from the operation theatre. The doctor said to Sikander that it will be going to be a major operation so pray for Amyra and Kulfi. After Sikander goes to God’s house and prays for the better. The Doctor started the operation, all are very tensed. Skander prays to god and requested if it wanted take his life but saves the lives of both of her daughter. Sikander is returning back to the hospital and one thief entered into the car and threaten Sikander, he has fought with the thief and the car hit with a wall.

Image Source: Hotstar

Sikander gets intensely injured in the accident he tries to walk but failed and fainted on the road. The doctor in the hospital succeeded in the operation of bone marrow transplant and Kulfi and Amyra both are out of danger, the doctor just informed to Lovely and suddenly she received a call about the accident of Sikander she runs after the operation theatre as he also admitted in the same hospital. Amyra comes into the senses after the operation and realizes that Kulfi saves her and apologized for her misdeed. Amyra thanks Kulfi, and Kulfi told to Amyra that Sikander is her father too and please give her right to call Sikander Papa.

Sikander there injured so badly, the doctor said to lovely that Sikander is in very critical condition he can’t say anything about his life. The doctor said that several operations being done for saving his life, and also suggests praying for him. Lovely suggests to Veer’s elder brother to not say anything about Sikander’s accident.

Amyra said that she does not want to share his father with anyone but Kulfi request to her to take her promise back. In the next episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we will see that Kulfi and Amyra get to know about the accident of Sikander and after the operation, the doctor said that Sikander can’t sing anymore.



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