Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th March 2019 Written Updates: Amma Ji Cancels Family Day

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th March 2019, Kulfi goes to Amma ji and requests her for family day celebration. She requests her not to cancel the family day. Amma Ji says to Kulfi that will allow her to celebrate the family day only on one condition that she has to do something for her. Kulfi leaves from there and sees all children are crying due to the cancellation of family day.

Kulfi gets emotional to see all children crying to meet their family. She feels terrible for the children thinking they all are in Amma ji’s control from so long. Kulfi starts missing her father, Sikandar. She is also worried about Amma ji’s condition, thinking about what task she can give her. Kulfi sees Sikandar there; he encourages her by saying you are my angel and angels are fearless. Kulfi understands what Sikandar said to her and gets ready to fulfill Amma ji’s condition.

Amma ji thinks that Kulfi will get fail to fulfill her wish. Kulfi goes to Amma ji and says that she is ready to do whatever she wants her to do if she will allow children to celebrate the family day. Kulfi says that she will go back home within a few days. Amma ji says to her that leaving from here is not that easy. Kulfi says that every kid here has done something wrong and I did not do anything and wrong, and you will get to know about it soon.

On the other hand, Loveleen goes to Sikandar to tell him the truth. She tells Sikandar that she made Amyra drink dark ruby due to which she got so ill. Sikandar does not believe in Loveleen at first but when he realizes that she is saying a truth he gets angry on her. Sikandar says to Loveleen that she does not deserve to be called a mother. Sikandar also tells her that she cannot live in his house and he throws her out from his home.

But hold on as it was a dream sequence. Loveleen wakes up and realizes that it was a bad dream she had. She thinks that if she tells the truth to Sikandar, he will separate her from her daughter Amyra. Loveleen decides not to tell the truth to Sikandar. Sikandar asks Loveleen if she wants to share anything with him. She says that she has nothing special to share; she tells him that Amyra is sleeping.

Loveleen thinks that she cannot tell the truth to Sikandar, but she can tell it to the doctor. She writes a letter in which she mentions everything; she does not write her name on the letter and delivers it to the doctor. The doctor comes to Sikandar along with the letter from an unknown person. Sikandar thinks who could do this to little Amyra. Sikandar determines to find the person who did wrong with Amyra. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.

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